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A complete listing of our 5.5mm scale kits is given in the downloadable PDF Catalogue and their prices in the Prices PDF. Additionally, only our loco kits and their prices are given in the Loco Kits web page. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view our downloadable catalogue and price list. For a free download go to Get Adobe Reader.

MSM Information

All of the kits illustrated in our catalogue are made of white metal, except where stated otherwise. All of the complete kits are now supplied with wheels and most have couplings included as well. The locomotives are supplied with static chassis, working loco chassis are no longer available from Mike Chinery Engineering but we are actively seeking another builder. If you want a ready-to-run chassis please contact us for up to date information on the supply situation. The kits for the most part can be soldered together but glue will be required for some of the smaller parts. The entire assembly can be done with glue, for which we recommend cyanoacrylate.

All of our white metal kit parts are available separately for scratchbuilding purposes, ask for prices.

Ordering Details:

All orders and enquiries should be addressed to:

Malcolm Savage
28 Whitegates Crescent
CH46 2UX

Telephone: 0151 327 3593

Email Us

Members of the 5.5mm Association may deduct 10% from the value of their orders.

Cheques should be made payable to: M Savage

Post and Packing:

Up to £5.00 - £1.00
Up to £10 - £2.35
Up to £20 - £3.00
Up to £30 - £4.00
Over £40 at cost. Price will vary depending on weight and whether insurance is required.