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5.5mm Scale Loco Kits

This page gives details of our loco kits only, a complete listing of our kits is given in the downloadable PDF Catalogue and their prices in the Prices PDF.

MSM Loco Kits


Static Kit: L2 - Chassis: M7

This is a heavily reworked and improved version of the original GEM kit of Prince. It has a new footplate and a competely new tender. It also has many new fittings. The etched chassis includes an etched cab and tender chassis. For anyone wishing to stretch the kit to suit Welsh Pony or Little Giant, the chassis can be made up with the correct longer wheelbase and disc wheels. The cab is long enough and the tender chassis can be built to two different lengths, with or without brakes. The picture shows a working Palmerston on the etched chassis with etched cab, cut down to the correct length. The white metal kit contains a cab that is correct for Prince and Princess. The tender is one of the small ones and is correct for Palmerston.

Dolgoch (Clean)


Static Kit: L1 - Chassis: M8

This is also a heavily reworked and improved version of the original GEM kit with a new boiler, footplate and many new fittings. The kit now includes a complete set of rub-on transfers. You can also purchase door and buffers as separate parts to make the model as shown on the right.

Dolgoch (Dirty)

Earl of Merioneth

Chassis (1 or 2 Motors): M9

This chassis is designed to be a direct replacement for either the original Lone Star powered, rubber band drive GEM chassis, or the later K's powered 2-4-2 version. It is available with one or two motors. From our experience we would say that one motor is sufficient. Removal of some excess metal from the inside of the boiler may be required to clear the motor.

Fairlie Chassis
Armoured Simplex

Armoured Simplex

Static Kit: L4 - Chassis: M1

This kit was designed to be an easy starter kit for someone new to the scale. It was intended right from the start to be provided with a ready to run chassis. The kit was originally designed to accommodate a SPUD but as these are in short supply a replacement was made with a higher gear ratio 37-1. Extra parts are available to make curtain sides and open doors as shown on the right.

Armoured Simplex (Skirts)